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Autumn 2002

Our magazine content is ever-changing. We no longer will be featuring just sites. We are looking for articles, photos, special link, recipes and stories and need YOUR input. If you would like to add your site logo or email link to the bottom or middle of your contribution we'll gladly do that for you. Thanks a bunch.

Gardening Tips:

Can you grow that perfect tomato and want to share your secrets? Know a natural way to get rid of garden pests, then why not send your ideas to us..:)

Nature and Outdoors:
copyright Tom H. Know a great fishing hole that you'd like to talk about? What about a rare bird that you've encountered while bird watching? Have a great picture of wildlife that you'd like to donate? Why not send them to us? Photo donation by Tom H.

Humour, Jokes and Fun:

We need some humourous stories to post here. Does your child say the cutest things and you'd like to share them with us, again, send them along! :)

Cleaning Tips: